Observations from the StellarParticle Campaign

An adversary campaign associated with COZY BEAR, was active throughout 2021 leveraging novel tactics and techniques in supply chain attacks

The StellarParticle campaign has continued against multiple organizations, with COZY BEAR using novel tools and techniques to complete their objectives, as identified by CrowdStrike incident responders and the CrowdStrike Intelligence team.

Two sophisticated malware families were placed on victim systems in mid-2019: a Linux variant of GoldMax and a new implant dubbed TrailBlazer.

The majority of StellarParticle-related investigations conducted by CrowdStrike have started with the identification of adversary actions within a victim’s O365 environment. This has been advantageous to CrowdStrike incident responders in that, through investigating victim O365 environments, they could gain an accurate accounting of time, account and source IP address of adversary victimization of the O365 tenant. In multiple engagements, this led CrowdStrike incident responders to identify that the malicious authentications into victim O365 tenants had originated from within the victim’s own network.

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