Certified Network Infiltration & Assessment Specialist

Certified Network Infiltration & Assessment Specialist

Exam Prep Bootcamp is a 2-day course to prepare the students for their C)NIAS exam. This short course is designed to help the students to focus on the core components of the Exam Prep Guide and become familiar with the exam type of questions. *See Description for details about the full course.

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Exam Prep (2 days)



The ability to conduct network reconnaissance, discovery, and enumeration is a critical core competency required for both defensive and offensive cybersecurity operations. In defensive mode these skills are used to identify vulnerabilities, defend network assets, and protect organizational operations from threats posed by malicious actors. During offensive cyber operations these skills are employed to identify high-value network targets for exploitation missions and penetration testing. Regardless of the implementation, Information Security professionals tasked with these missions must possess a strong foundation of technical knowledge, analytical expertise, and the intuition to implement solutions in ways that align with strategic organizational objectives.

The Certified Network Infiltration & Assessment Specialist course provides 16 detailed learning domains, Project Ares® Cyber Range skills, and practical network reconnaissance, infiltration, and assessment labs.

A score of 70% or higher is required to earn the certification. Upon successful completion of the course, students can earn a 40-Hour CPE Credit Certificate in addition to their CCIRM certification credential and digital Badge. 

Self-Study Online Training

We offer several self-study cybersecurity courses for individuals who are not able to attend classroom-based certification programs. This format allows students to learn at their own pace, in a comfortable environment.

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