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IT industry changes so quickly that IT professionals must create a continuous training plan to keep up with technology advancements. Although, Cybersecurity involves more than understanding the capabilities and exposure of existing and emerging information technologies! In an era of amplified cyber risk, It is likely for you to gain new insights and information such as advice or expertise which can help you to remain vigilant in the face of cyber threats, that can show resiliency when attacked. Networking events can be great learning experiences. By talking to a variety of Cyber-focused IT professionals, you will have a great opportunity to establish professional connections or enhance existing connections with other members and form mutually beneficial relationships. This is also a great way to attract a potential employer who will see you not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk!
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Today “Going it alone” is not possible when dealing with cyber Security threats. 

Collaboration is the key to improving cyber security. And a combination of in-depth knowledge and social mentoring can help get the ball rolling. 

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Networking events provide you with the chance to establish business connections and form mutually beneficial relationships

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