Build the bridge between cyber concepts and the practical application of cybersecurity skills
Technology changes so quickly that IT professionals must create a continuous training plan to keep up with technology advancements. Although, Cybersecurity involves more than understanding the capabilities and exposure of existing and emerging information technologies! A different kind of training is needed to become truly “cyber secure” – a training that keeps the idea of cybersecurity top of mind and part of the critical information retained in the brain.

Membership Benefits

Access to Mock SOC Facilities
We provide our Members the real‐time opportunity to practice skills in a robust next generation training platform which deploys realistic, mission‐specific virtual environments with real‐world tools, network activity and a large library of mission scenarios.

Access to Media Centre
Access the media centre, an online library of general cybersecurity topics, offensive and defensive specialisations where you can do some light reading or more in-depth research.

Participate in Cyber Range Missions
Master basic cyber security concepts with fun, arcade style games that teach cyber kill chain, ports and protocol, regular expression techniques, and more. Build your skills in a series of multilevel learning challenges that reinforce cyber skills including Linux, scripting, and forensics.
Learn pragmatically and comprehensively through concept-driven games, Battle Rooms, and real-world scenario missions on cloud-based cyber ranges that emulate typical networks and simulate network traffic. 

Networking Events and Team Activities
You can join our networking events and team activities where you have a great opportunity to establish professional connections or enhance existing connections with other members and form mutually beneficial relationships. Talking to a variety of cyber-focused professionals can be great learning experiences and a great way to attract a potential employer who will see you not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk!

As Cyberarms Club memebr, you receive 20% discount on the Phase2 cybersecurity certification courses which map to National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework; NIST Special Publication 800-181. See courses and programs.
 1 Year Premier Membership Fee $345
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Get Better Together

Information Exchange Benefits Everyone!

Today “Going it alone” is not possible when dealing with cybersecurity threats. 

Collaboration is the key to improving cybersecurity. And a combination of in-depth knowledge and social mentoring can help get the ball rolling. 

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Join Events and Activities

Networking events provide you with the chance to establish business connections and form mutually beneficial relationships

Establish business connections and form mutually beneficial relationships. Enhance existing connections with other members and gain new insights and information such as advice or expertise which you can use to improve your career.
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Exam Prepration and Registration

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Exam Prep (2 days)
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